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Naturopathic Medicine To Improve Your Physical And Emotional Health.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” -Hippocrates

Are you ready to feel and look your best, yet are held back by physical or mental concerns?

Have HOPE that it is possible for you to regain health and reach your full potential using safe and effective treatments!

Meet Our Doctor

  • About Dr. E

    About Dr. E

    “Thank you for visiting; I look forward to having the opportunity to empower and guide you towards your health goals. Educating people about nutrition, science, and the body’s ability to heal is a passion that fuels me. It is with great honor that I am able to witness the healing of my patients as a naturopathic physician.”
    In Gratitude,
    Dr. E

What my patients say

  • “Since starting treatment with Dr. E, I feel the best I have felt in more than 5 years!”

    E.P. Phoenix, AZ,

  • “We have been to so many doctors and Dr. E is the first one who actually listened to what I’m here for. You have something so special that can’t be taught. I can’t describe it, but it is unique and admired and your patients will appreciate it like we have.”

    K.P Mesa, AZ,

  • “I went to Dr. E when I was having knee problems. I have been a dancer my whole life and as a dance teacher, knee pain is a big deal in my line of work. I had always been too afraid to try acupuncture, but when I saw her, she was wonderful! She was very calming as she explained everything she did so I felt very comfortable and relaxed. I did not expect the great response that I got which was NO KNEE PAIN FOR MONTHS NOW!!! I am shocked at how great I felt after. It was worth it and I will continue to see her and recommend her to others for health issues.”

    Rachel S. Gilbert, AZ,

  • “Despite being a health conscious and active middle aged individual, I have been plagued by high blood pressure and excessive weight for my entire adult life. After years of conventional care, I thought I was doomed to prescription meds and surgery as the only course of treatment. When I heard of naturopathy, I was skeptical because it appeared too simple and too sensible! The minor adjustments to my diet and the inclusion of a few specific supplements were very easy to adopt, and very effective. I lost weight, my blood pressure dropped and my BP meds were reduced by an astonishing 90%. Dr. E has conducted herself as an amazing and compassionate naturopathic doctor, and it was my pleasure to receive treatment from such a caring individual. If she epitomizes naturopathic medicine, then there is indeed a bright future for the industry.”

    R. R. Tempe, AZ,

  • “I struggled with my GI issue for a year before I made an appointment with Dr. E. Within a week of starting my treatment, I was feeling fantastic. It's now been over 3 months and I feel great. I would highly recommend Dr. E. to those struggling with GI concerns!”

    M.E Lakeville, MN,

  • “Dr. Eischens is SO caring and knowledgeable! I was treated from MN and could not be happier with everything that she has helped me with. I truly believe natural medicine is incredibly powerful and effective for so many reasons. Try it! You will not be disappointed.”

    B.B Golden Valley, MN,

  • "I came to Dr. E with several health issues that I knew traditional medicine would only treat the symptoms, not the underlining causes. I was very impressed with not only Dr. Eischens’ level of knowledge, but also her deep compassion and dedication to helping me. I have had resolutions to most of my issues after years of previously struggling with them."

    Melody C. Phoenix, AZ,

  • "Dr. Eischens is amazing! Both my daughter and I see her. She has helped both of us tremendously. She had been able to help my daughter with fears and anxiety. She can now function in school, focus and stay on task. Several teachers told us she had ADHD. She had anxiety and with Dr. E’s help she is now a happy girl who manages school successfully and is excelling. 
 Dr. E also helped me with my hormone and thyroid imbalance. I am no longer annoyed and stressed by small things that started to affect me as my hormones are changing. It is amazing what can be done to help you naturally. I highly recommend seeing her!"

    Angela H. Excelsior, MN,

  • “Dr. E is hands down the best doctor I've ever been to. Dr. E helped me in so many ways and forever changed my life and I would recommend her to anyone! If you want a genuine doctor that will truly look into your health concerns and not just prescribe a bunch of prescription meds she is the way to go. You will not be disappointed! The whole facility is a very positive environment and everyone is very caring and helpful.”

    Brooke V. Scottsdale, AZ,