You are worthy and capable of healing. If you're ready to heal, take the first step by filling out the questionnaire below as part of the application process to become a patient. When you have completed this, you may set up a complimentary discovery call
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for a change?

How would your life be different without your symptoms or diagnosis?  Can you imagine a life with increased energy, contentment, and the ability to THRIVE instead of simply survive?   That life is within reach, when you're ready to commit to making a change. 

Dr. E giving IV


to trust?

Although it may feel like your body has betrayed you, it is brilliantly designed to work in your favor, when given the proper conditions to do so.  Trust your gut!  If it's guiding you to trust in the process of trusting your body during this healing program, please fill out the questionnaire to take the first step in this life changing process.



for a different perspective?

If you're not seeing results with what you've been doing, does it make sense to continue spending your time, energy, and money waiting for a different result?  Finding the root cause of your symptoms while using safe and effective naturopathic treatments works, just as our body and mind was designed to do.


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Please familiarize yourself with the program options on the results page and the patient testimonial on the home page, before our discovery call.