My approach is different, therefore, your results are different.


Cellular Nutrition

Learning the ideal diet for you and your genetic make up is essential for proper digestion, absorption, and cellular nourishment to fuel every cell in your body.  What we eat affects our mood, sleep, hormones, skin, immune function, weight, cellular health, in addition to our digestive function. 



Our detox organs act as a conveyor belt to eliminate toxicants we encounter from our environment and lifestyle.  When these organs aren't functioning optimally, our body's conveyor belt slows down and can contribute to pain, fatigue, acne, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, and many other health concerns.  Improving our body's ability to remove waste and toxicants is a necessity for optimal health.


Self Healing Activation

This may sound like  a superhero power, yet our body is innately designed to be resiliently self healing when given the chance to do so.  If you are someone who is susceptible to illness, has longer periods of recovery, gets depleted easily, or is strongly affected by stressors, your 'vital force' could use some love and support.   With safe and effective naturopathic treatments, your vitality can be strengthened so you are able to bounce back from illness and stress faster and easier.



"Thank you for giving me my life back so I can be the wife and Mom I knew I could be!  I didn't know feeling this good was even possible as I felt so awful for so long.  This has been a priceless experience, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!"

Kelly A.


“Dr. E is hands down the best doctor I've ever been to.  Dr. E helped me in so many ways and forever changed my life and I would recommend her to anyone! If you want a genuine doctor that will truly look into your health concerns and not just prescribe a bunch of prescription meds she is the way to go. You will not be disappointed! The whole facility is a very positive environment and everyone is very caring and helpful.”

Brooke V. 


I haven't felt this good or hit my goal weight in over 15 years.  My blood sugars are balanced, I have more energy than ever, my mind is calmer and clearer.  I'm overwhelmed with gratitude, and so proud of my body.  Thank you for changing my world Dr. E!

Terray M.


“We have been to so many doctors and Dr. E is the first one who actually listened to what I’m here for.  You have something so special that can’t be taught.  I can’t describe it, but it is unique and admired and your patients will appreciate it like we have.”

Kim P.


Dr. Eischens is very knowledgeable and she brought warmth, compassion and her expertise when working with me.  She took the time to fully understand my health issues and put together a comprehensive plan.  I had seen multiple traditional medicine doctors with the same reoccurring medical symptoms.  The co-insurance and co-pays added up and my symptoms would reside for a short time while taking medication; however, they continued to return.  After working with Dr. Eischens my health has returned and the symptoms have resolved without returning.  My body was able to heal with safe and natural remedies and supplements vs. harsh medications with unwanted side effects.  She took a holistic approach, looking at all the body's systems, discovering deficiencies and what my body needed rather than just covering up the reported symptoms. I would highly recommend Dr. Eischens.

Beth B.


I came to Dr. E with several health issues that I knew traditional medicine would only treat the symptoms, not the underlining causes.  I was very impressed with not only Dr. Eischens’ level of knowledge, but also her deep compassion and dedication to helping me.  I have had resolutions to most of my issues after years of previously struggling with them.

Melody C.