Does This Sound Familiar?


You know something isn't right. Your energy is less than it used to be. It's harder to maintain a healthy weight. Food seems to aggravate your digestive system even with restrictive diet changes. Your mood causes you to feel like a completely different person than you used to be.  As time goes on, your pain may worsen, and your sleep patterns become more frustrating.

You may wonder “What happened to me?”

Whether you’ve been given a diagnosis, or have a ‘mystery concern’ that no one has been able to solve, you still struggle to know how to feel better. You know it isn’t in your head, but even you begin to doubt yourself sometimes - because no one has been able to figure out WHY you don’t feel well. You may feel frustrated, lost, or even hopeless.

You’ve probably already tried to heal yourself through internet research or books, specific diets, the latest ‘magical’ supplement, or maybe you’ve even seen various practitioners.  Meanwhile, your symptoms persist as new ones develop, while you remain stuck without answers about WHY you feel like you're running on fumes.

Please know that you are not alone and you are not crazy. You've come to the right place. My approach is completely different than what you have experienced before.

  • I take the time to listen to your story in a compassionate, non-judgmental manner.
  • I’m determined to help you feel better and I won’t give up.
  • I don’t rely on pharmaceuticals or excessive supplementation.
  • I treat you as a person, not a diagnosis or number on your lab results.
  • I trust and know how to work WITH your brilliantly designed mind/body to facilitate healing from within.
  • I will treat you as a unique individual through specific lab work and focused treatment designed for YOU based on your genetics, concerns, personality, and goals.